Working meeting with accredited journalists

9 October 2008 - Prof. Jasna Omejec, LL.D. President of the Court received today in a working visit accredited journalists of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Craotia, who, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitutional Act on the Croatian Constitutional Court and the Court’s Rules of the Procedure, attend the Court’s Sessions and report on the workings of the Court. President Omejec, together with Prof. Aldo Radolović, LL.D., deputy President and Judges Snježana Bagić and Nevenka Šernhorst, LL.M., presented a project of rationalisation of the Court’s work introduced with the aim of increasing its efficiency. In the last decade the huge increase of cases, in particular the constitutional complaints, has jammed the work of the Court and caused delays in their solving. The rationalisation program involves several projects among which also the plan to solve by the end of this year constitutional complaints filed before 31 December 2006 and the measures regarding the rationalisation of the work on the cases of the abstract control of constitutionality. The Court Sessions will be restrained to the cases with importance in the constitutional law and the public will be timely informed on dates of their convocation. The changes in the organisation of the Sessions will in no way influence the accredited journalists’ rights to have an insight into the cases which were decided on the Sessions. Therefore the Session agendas will be released on the official web page of the Court. President Omejec also announced that the next Session of the Court will be held on 15 October 2008.