UNIDem Seminar "Cancelation of Election Results", Malta, La Valetta

The Venice Commission of the Council of Europe together with the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Malta organised, in La Valletta, Malta, from 14 - 15 November 2008, UNIDem Seminar on the Cancelation of Election Results. The participants from more than 19 countries, the European Court of Human Rights and the Venice Commission discussed the reports submitted by the Constitutional Courts and by the experts in the Constitutional law on the cancelation of election results in the legislation and practice of respective states. The reports showed the similarities in the provisions of electoral laws and the acts on constitutional courts regulating cancelation of election results that occurred due to the irregularities in the electoral procedure. The seminar was also attended by the representatives of some electoral and judicial bodies of the Republic of Malta, of the Maltese Ministry of Justice and by the professors of constitutional law of the University of La Valetta. Judge Mario Jelušić, with his report, presentation and discussions, represented the Croatian Constitutional Court. On this occasion he met Mr. A. De Gaetano, President of the Constitutional Court of Malta and Mr. Carmel Mifsud Bonnici, Minister of Justice of Malta.