Study Visit of a Delegation of the Turkish Constitutional Court to the Constitutional Court of Croatia

4 October 2018 - Within the Council of Europe project supporting the individual application to the Constitutional Court in Turkey, a 17- membered delegation of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Turkey, headed by Vice-President Burhan Üstün, came today to a study visit to the Croatian Constitutional Court. President Dr Miroslav Šeparović presented the work of the Croatian Constitutional Court and spoke about the procedure of deciding on constitutional complaints and admissibility requirements, Dr Snježana Bagić, Deputy President, addressed the most important decisions delivered in the proceedings of individual constitutional control, while Dr Mato Arlović, Judge, tackled the relation of the Croatian Constitutional Court and other national and international bodies. Dr Teodor Antić, Secretary General, presented statistical data of our Court. Turkish legal order recognised the institute of constitutional complaint by the 2010 Constitution, but its application started in 2012. Until now, the Turkish Constitutional Court filed around 200,000 constitutional complaints of which approximately 30,000 is still pending. The Court has 17 judges and 362 employees, which makes it one of the largest constitutional court.