Representatives to the Serbian Parliament visited the Constitutional Court

21 March 2012 - Professor Jasna Omejec, President of the Croatian Constitutional Court received today a delegation of Serbian Parliament headed by Mr. Vlatko Ratković, President of the Legislative Committee. The Serbian delegation, now in the return working visit to the Croatian Parliament, was accompanied by Ms Ingrid Antičević Marinović, President of the Legislative Committee of the Croatian Parliament, Professor Josip Kregar, President of the Judiciary Committee of the Croatian Parliament and H.E. Stanimir Vukićević, Ambassador of Serbia to Croatia. The talks were held about relations between a parliament and a constitutional court and on the constitutional court's jurisdiction. The special emphasise was put on inadequate regulation of jurisdiction of both the Serbian and Croatian Constitutional Court as well on the position of the two Republics before the European Court of Human Rights. The common conclusion was that it is for the Parliament to provide the Constitutional Court with the legal framework that is harmonised with the standards set not only by the Strasbourg Court but also by the Court in Luxembourg.