Regional Round Table "Judicial Review of Legislation", Skopje, Macedonia

8 - 9 March, 2007 - Secretary General of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia Teodor Antić, LL.M., participated in the Regional round table on "Judicial Review of Legislation" held in Skopje, Macedonia, within the Regional 2003 CARDS Project. The participants of the Round table - delegations of Constitutional and Supreme courts and Ministers of Justice - from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro, Albania and Macedonia, presented their respective national standards regarding the judicial review of legislation, and the CARDS experts held introductory remarks on: "Constitutional review in a comparative context, the Bulgarian experience" and on "European and international standards regarding the judicial review of legislation: some examples of best practices of EU member states". The Croatian delegation, composed of Mr. Dražen Bošnjaković, MP and the President of the Parliamentary Committee on the Constitution, Standing Orders and Political System, Mrs. Vesna Vrbetić, Judge of the Croatian Supreme Court and Mr. Teodor Antić, Secretary General of the Croatian Constitutional Court, presented the activity of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia regarding the abstract review of legislation. The presentation entailed legal regulation, position of the Constitutional Court and its jurisdiction, election procedure of its judges, proceedings of constitutional review of laws and other regulations and relevant statistical data for the period from 1991 up to date. The participants expressed a great interest in the Croatian legal system and the workings of the Croatian Constitutional Court and in continuing the cooperation on both multilateral and bilateral level.