President Šeparović spoke at a round table of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts on the real property law reform

6 December 2017 - President of the Constitutional Court, Dr Miroslav Šeparović, gave an introductory lecture at a round table "Twenty years of the Croatian real property law - current state and perspectives" of the State Administration, Judiciary and the Rule of Law Scientific Council of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In his address on the constitutional guarantee of the property right he presented evolution of the Constitutional Court's case law in application and interpretation of the constitutional provisions on the right to property enshrined in Articles 48, 50 and 52 of the Croatian Constitution - from defining the notion "property", i.e. "possession", to the constitutional definition of the "protection of property" and the role of the Constitutional Court in its protection. When it comes to the interpretation of the relevant constitutional text on property rights, he pointed out that the Constitutional Court's recent case-law has been under strong influence of the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights and its legal views, which are, however, not taken literally or uncritically. On the contrary, the Constitutional Court further develops these European standards providing them with the content and meaning stemming from the Croatian Constitution and our legal tradition and culture.