President Šeparović at the Split Faculty of Law

7 December 2023 - President of the Court, Dr Miroslav Šeparović, spoke to students of the Faculty of Law of the Split University about the new challenges facing the Croatian Constitutional Court in fulfilling its role as a social mediator. The juridification of politics, as a relatively new phenomenon, opens up a space for the increasingly important role of the constitutional judiciary, which aligns the entire legal order with the fundamental constitutional values and principles. The Constitutional Court is expected to resolve social conflicts and mediate in complex and sensitive political, economic, legal, social, ethical, ideological, and other issues, as its decisions create binding rules of conduct in society and enable the realisation of constitutional values. Using the case-law related for example to referenda initiatives, termination of pregnancy, COVID-19 pandemic, lease of apartments, foster parenting, he explained the mechanisms used by the Constitutional Court in balancing various interests and goals that are legitimately expressed in Croatian society. He emphasised that the only instrument available to the Constitutional Court to find a balance between the law and society, between "the real and the ideal" is the interpretation of the Constitution in terms of the highest values of the constitutional order.