Members of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice visited the Constitutional Court

18 September 2018 - Director, Mr. Lu Weidong, and several members of the Shanghai Justice Bureau, People's Republic of China, visited today the Croatian Constitutional Court within their European tour organised by the Europe-China Economic and Culture Promotion Union. Dr Teodor Antić, Secretary General of the Court, introduced the colleagues to the functioning and organisation of the Croatian Constitutional Court, specially emphasising that the Court is not part of the judiciary. The Chinese officials were particularly interested to hear about the institute of constitutional complaint and the Court's jurisdiction related to dissolution of political parties. The Municipal Bureau of Justice of the City of Shanghai (which has the status of a region), is one of the departments of the municipal government, with its main functions related to implementation of laws, rules, regulations and policies of the country and the municipality with regard to judicial administration, to formulating policies and development plans of judicial administration, to guiding and supervising the prison management as well as other duties assigned by the municipal government.