Members of the International Bar Association at the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia

17 May 2007 - during their stay in Croatia for the Conference of the International Bar Association held in Zagreb on 17-19 May 2007, a four-member delegation of this Association visited the Constitutional Court. The delegation composed of: Ms. Karen J. Mathis, President of the American Bar Association, Ms. Dianna Kempe, President of the International Bar Association, Ms. Gabriella Williams with Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek legal services, and Ms. Ana Sihtar, attorney at law, was received by Prof. Jasna Omejec, deputy President of the Court, who informed them about the jurisdiction and activities of the Court concerning the protection and promotion of the rule of law. Both sides agreed that developing the cooperation and exchanging the experience of different legal systems are for the benefit of all.