Madam Sandra Day O’Connor, Justice of the Supreme Court of the USA in peace in the Croatian Constitutional Court

1 April 2009 - Professor Jasna Omejec, President of the Court, together with Professor Aldo Radolović, Deputy President, received today Madam Sandra Day O’Connor, retired Justice of the United States Supreme Court, who was accompanied by H.E. Robert Bradtke, Ambassador of the USA to Croatia with associates. In this, already second, visit to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia, Justice O’Connor expressed interest in the problems encountered by the Constitutional Court in performing its constitutional duties. Both sides agreed that the enormous number of cases the Court files each year prevents the Court from exercising its role of the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms more efficiently and that providing the Court with a discretionary power should be given a serious thought. Justice O’Connor is going to held, this very afternoon, a lecture at the Zagreb County Court on the independent judiciary issues.