H.E. Michéle Boccoz, Ambassador of France to Croatia visited the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia

1 April 2015 - Professor Jasna Omejec, President of the Croatian Constitutional Court, together with Dr Teodor Antić, Secretary General, received today in a curtesy call H.E. Michéle Boccoz, Ambassador of the French Republic to the Republic of Croatia. President Omejec informed Ambassador Boccoz, who presented her credentials in January 2013, about the functioning and organisation of the Croatian Constitutional Court and they also discussed particularities of the French legal system, although the recent changes of the French Constitution brought the jurisdiction of the French Constitutional Council more closer to the continental-European legal circle, given that it acquired competence of the constitutional review of laws enacted by the Parliament. They also talked about the Croatian Constitutional Court jurisdiction over referendum. In that light President Omejec recalled the decisions of the Constitutional Court in which we have set the fundamental democratic standards for carrying out the referendum in Croatia. At the end they recalled the recent visit of the Vice-President of the French State Council, Mr. Sauvé, which they have both found very successful.