Constitutional Court Judges in Vukovar

18 April 2008 - Judges of the Croatian Constitutional Court visited on Friday, April 18th, the City of Vukovar. They visited the Vukovar County Court, where they were received by the President Ante Zeljko and Judges of this Court. Prof. Potočnjak, the Acting President of the Constitutional Court gave a lecture in the Judges of Vukovar Club entitled "Reasonable length of judicial proceedings". Within the visit the judges visited the Vukovar General Hospital where Dr. Vesna Bosanac, Hospital’s manager presented the workings and organisation of both current hospital and war hospital in the Homeland War and she accompanied them through the Memorial Museum and the Place of Remembrance Hospital of Vukovar 1991. By placing a wreath at the Ovčara Memorial Place the Judges paid homage to victims fell there on 20 November 1991.