29th "Petar Simonetti" International Symposium

21 April 2023 - In his introductory speech at the opening session of the 29th "Petar Simonetti" International Symposium held in Poreč from 20 to 22 April 2023, Dr Šeparović, President of the Constitutional Court, emphasised not only the importance of this gathering, which has successfully brought together various legal professionals for almost three decades, but also the high quality of the corresponding collection of papers. He also congratulated the organisers, the Rijeka Faculty of Law, the Croatian High Administrative Court and the Croatian Chamber of Notaries, for their dedicated work and enthusiasm. In a separate part of the programme dedicated to the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court, Dr Snježana Bagić, Deputy President, and Sanja Trgovac, Head of the Legal Advisers' Service of the Constitutional Court, addressed several novelties in the Constitutional Court practice and spoke about revision on points of law under the 2022 Civil Procedure Act, as well as about the costs of Constitutional Court proceedings and civil proceedings and the respective change of the positions of the Constitutional Court.