13 International Congress of European and Comparative Constitutional Law and World Law Congress, New York

24 July 2023 - At the invitation of Professor Rainer Arnold of the University of Regensburg, President Dr Miroslav Šeparović and Deputy President Dr Snježana Bagić attended the World Law Congress and XXIIIth International Congress of European and Comparative Constitutional Law, which took place in New York, USA, from 19 to 21 July. A Congress, which has a long tradition, was held in Regensburg for eighteen years. For the past few years it has been hosted by the World Jurist Association, which was founded in 1963 to become a free and open forum for judges, lawyers, law professors and other professionals from around the world to work together in strengthening and expanding the rule of law and its institutions.

At this 2023 Congress, held at the New York City Bar Association, participants, presidents and judges of constitutional and supreme courts, internationally renowned academics from many countries, global leaders, attorneys and other experts, discussed current issues with focus on peace through law in concurrent panels. In the panel discussion on the freedom of expression in the digital age, President Šeparović spoke about the Croatian experience with this issue, and highlighted challenges in finding ways to protect and promote the right to freedom of expression on the one hand, and to protect those who are subject to human rights violations in the digital space, on the other.

During the closing ceremony at the UN Headquarters, Felipe VI King of Spain presented the World Peace and Liberty Award to the European Commission and its President Ursula von den Leyen. This award has already been given to Sir Winston Churchil, Nelson Mendela, Felipe VI King of Spain and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.